face.jpgHi! Welcome to Into Foreign Lands, the travel blog thats all about getting lost in foreign places, cycling around the world, and finding extraordinary adventures.

My name is Megan and in 2012 I took my first job abroad, teaching English in South Korea. When I packed my bags and left the United States, I had no idea that 5 years later, I’d still be living, working, and traveling around the world.

Since that day in July, 2012, I’ve traveled to 16 countries, lived in three, and had more epic adventures than I can remember. I’ve walked across Peru with a donkey, hiked solo in the Himalayas, and I’m currently riding a bike around all of Cambodia by myself.

I’m not a professional explorer or mountaineer. All I have is a desire to explore all the hidden corners of the earth. To get away from the tourist buses and busy cities and find those lost valleys filled with secrets.

I like taking bad selfies, eating good food, learning new languages, and meeting people from around the world. I believe passionately in the kindness of strangers and the ability of ordinary people to have extraordinary adventures.

Whether you dream of travel, are planning to travel, or are a travel fanatic like me, I invite you to come with me and explore the wild places, the hidden places, and all the secrets you can find when you travel into foreign lands.

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